1. spokeart:

    Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, is now out in theaters! New York and Los Angeles saw their debuts last week, and nationwide roll out is just around the corner.

    San Francisco will see the debut of the film on Thursday, May 31st at the Metreon, help us spread the word and enter our official contest for a Moonrise Kingdom gift pack!

    To enter the contest, simply reblog this post on Tumblr for your chance to win an official Moonrise Kingdom gift pack, which includes shirts, patches, a canteen and a cooler! Five winners will be chosen at random. View all the prizes here.

    If you want to attend the free screening of Moonrise Kingdom at the Metreon in SF tomorrow (Thursday, May 31st) just shoot an email to MoonriseRSVP@gmail.com for free tickets!

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