1. alexhchung:

    Marvel Fanfare #18, Page 1 by Frank Miller & Joe Rubinstein

    I thought that said “Home Fries” and I got excited

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    Tried looking for scans but, uh, yeah, it was easier just to awkwardly photograph it

    Hey, I drew that.

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    superman by chris samnee

    Stop hitting yourself

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    today is a great day - les mcclaine has completed laying out all 88 pages of “the pan-universal parental reconciliation”!

    what this means is that the entire book is sketched out - the narrative distributed across the length of the pages and panels, the dialogue planned and put in position with…

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    there is no actual answer *door gets slammed open* ON THE CONTRARY, YOU SE–

    GUNSHOW VOLUME 5 IS HERE! Full color! 240 pages! Good shit!! Yeah!! I did a commercial for it also! Watch it!

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  6. No base but he balances pretty well
    You can see someone else did a pass on the shield and redid the shoulder jointing
    Most of these accessories got nixed

    I just found this Captain America at Target. It’s a reissue of a figure I did the initial turnarounds for a few months to a year before the movie came out. It’s the first time I’ve seen the finished product. Came out looking good!

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    Boom Box! Announces new series ‘Lumberjanes’

    After the crazy first issue of Boom Box!’s first new series that was The Midas Flesh, they have just announced a all new second series called Lumberjanes.

    This series, written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis with art by Brooke Allen, will focus on five girls attending a scout camp where there is some creepy stuff in the woods that they will probably have to fight.

    The series is being billed as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls,” and also promises that they at some point fight a yeti. If you are not on board yet, then I question your taste in awesomeness.

    Lumberjanes is set to come out sometime this spring.

    LUMBERJANES, the new series I’m co-writing for BOOM! Studios, has just been announced!!!! I’m so excited, y’all. Girls, at camp, fighting spooky supernatural monsters. It’s gonna be amaze.

    super excited about this!

    This looks delightful

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  8. Yes yes

    my pal Malloy performing

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    Captain America vs. Nazi Werewolf by Bruce Timm

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