1. amymebberson:

    This is not my artwork, but it’s a very important piece of artwork if you love Disney and especially Disney Afternoon.

    This is the original pitch painting created by my good friend Tad Stones for ‘Kit Colby and the Rescue Rangers’, a new concept he took to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg in the early development days of what became Disney Afternoon.

    According to Tad, within 2 minutes Eisner said ‘take out that Kit guy, put the two chipmunks in instead’ and the rest is history.

    As with any new show, it developed and evolved. Gadget got a little prettier, Monterey Jack got Kit’s dress sense and the Chinese cricket Chirp Sing thankfully didn’t survive long enough to age awkwardly into the PC era ;)

    Camille the Chameleon was the idea of fellow Ducktales writer Jymn Magon.

    This is an awesome painting and part of Disney television history and I thank Tad for his permission to upload it and share its story with y’all :)


  2. themarvelageofcomics:

    A 1967 Jack Kirby sketch of Spider-Man

    Your occasional reminder that Jack Kirby could not draw Spider-Man

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  3. n8bliss-art:

    Protectors of The City #Tick

  4. thebristolboard:

    Eric Shanower.


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  5. comicsalliance:

    Les McClaine Draws Wayne Manor, Mummies And Himself In A Hamburger Suit (Really)

    By Chris Sims

    The odds are pretty good that you’re already familiar with the art of Les McClaine, whether it’s as the creator of the webcomic an artist for the Axe Cop TV show, the co-creator of The Middleman, the artist of The Tick: New Series, or any of his other work as a comic artist and illustrator. If that’s the case, you’re no doubt already aware that he’s one of the most talented artists around, able to shift between multiple styles with each being as fantastic as the last.

    But you know what? It’s never the wrong time to take a look at some of his amazing work, and if you’re one of the poor souls who doesn’t already know how beautiful his work is, you’re in luck!

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  6. alexhchung:

    Marvel Fanfare #18, Page 1 by Frank Miller & Joe Rubinstein

    I thought that said “Home Fries” and I got excited

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  7. kenshiro28:

    Tried looking for scans but, uh, yeah, it was easier just to awkwardly photograph it

    Hey, I drew that.

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  8. benito-cereno:

    superman by chris samnee

    Stop hitting yourself

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  9. okbjgm:

    today is a great day - les mcclaine has completed laying out all 88 pages of “the pan-universal parental reconciliation”!

    what this means is that the entire book is sketched out - the narrative distributed across the length of the pages and panels, the dialogue planned and put in position with…

  10. gunshowcomic:

    there is no actual answer *door gets slammed open* ON THE CONTRARY, YOU SE–

    GUNSHOW VOLUME 5 IS HERE! Full color! 240 pages! Good shit!! Yeah!! I did a commercial for it also! Watch it!

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