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    this is what some people literally believe

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    On June 22nd my best friend of 15 years, Amber, was in a VERY SERIOUS car wreck in Portland Oregon.  She could use our help.

    While she is stable condition, she has been in the ICU and kept under sedation and in a coma for a week.  She is breathing from a ventilator and is under constant care, due to some breathing difficulties.  

    Amber has always been a true champion for so many good causes. For instance she has been responsible for signing thousands of people up to vote. She is always helping people and pushing them to do more. She is inspiring and strong and such an amazing giver to the community. Now we have to the chance to help her.

    She is a beautiful soul who has touched the lives of so many.  A personal story that I have:  Over the winter I ended up being stuck on the East Coast during the big snow storm for over a week longer than I had planned.  I was worried about being able to get back to clean my place before I had to go back to school, I was actually feeling a little bit sick about how much I needed to do.  When I got home to see my place… it was completely clean!  All the dishes, the vacuuming, everything was done.  Plus there was some Kahlua Pork in my fridge, I was baffled until I read a note from Amber wishing me a Merry Christmas.  She had used the spare key I gave her to sneak in and clean, all without telling me so it could be a surprise.  It was perhaps one of nicest, most charitable things anyone has ever done for me.

    Insurance does not cover all the costs of an emergency visit and it can quickly reach in the tens of thousands of dollars. She has currently been alseep and in the ICU for over a week. Please pitch in to help pay for Amber’s medical bills and related costs. Even if you can only give $5 it will add up quickly. We love you Amber and we are gonna help you get through this!

    This is her Go Fund Me Campaign.  It is meant to take the financial burden off of her when she wakes, some friends have already donated this, but I think her story deserves to be seen by more people, by people like you.

    If you can’t donate, I totally understand, but I could use all of the shares.  Show this campaign to all of your real life and internet friends.  She is a real person, in real pain, having a hard time right now, and she could use our help.

    Thank you so much for your shares and loving contributions to this campaign.  


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    "…It might not get you another season of your favorite television show, though that will probably happen sometime, but it might bring it back every once in a while, like Brigadoon, to brighten your life. The imprimatur of a major network or label is no longer as meaningful as it was, nor…

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    Johnny Depp was Wes Anderson’s initial choice for the role of M. Gustave.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

    If the world has a drinking game, it’s this: Take a swig every time you hear the phrase : “Director so-and-so’s first choice for the role was Johnny Depp.”

    Fuckin’ A, movies, we have more actors. We must have like eight now. I bet three of them even know each other, they might even be hanging out together, they could pass a message on.

    Gaze into the hellish abyss of an alternate timeline

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    Rather, a book-shaped box that holds stereographic views of Italy. 

    Stereographs in a book-shaped box, ca. 1990, Underwood and Underwood. Getty Research Institute.

    Hey, my mom has that set. Or at least one much like it.

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    Dance Macabre from a 15th century German block book.


    These skeletons seem like cool dudes to hang with.

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    (The Tick #101)

    Good news: you can get it right here.

    Oddly, that is an old version of the cover. I resized some elements before we went to print so you can see sky-Arthur’s face clearly beneath the logo.

  9. Dammit Amazon, no I didn’t