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    Dance Macabre from a 15th century German block book.


    These skeletons seem like cool dudes to hang with.

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    (The Tick #101)

    Good news: you can get it right here.

    Oddly, that is an old version of the cover. I resized some elements before we went to print so you can see sky-Arthur’s face clearly beneath the logo.

  3. Dammit Amazon, no I didn’t

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    Ernie Hudson’s back there just sort of waggling his arms instead of doing the dance properly.

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  6. gawrsh

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  7. Hulk not mad. Hulk just disappointed.

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    Nous sommes parfaits !



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    The Modern Age Back Issue Bin: Who doesn’t love The Tick? And, for that matter, who doesn’t love Invincible?

    Good question

    Some assholes, I guess

  10. I am disappointed that the horizon lines in the sweater and background do not line up.

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